Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Nammie Sara's Apple Applause from Regina Jennings

Okay ... I have yet to try this recipe yet but I heard about it through Litfuse Publicity Group and wanted to share! It is said that Regina Jennings' Nammie Sara's Apple Applause is the perfect go-to dessert for holiday parties!

Nammie Sara's Apple Applause
Recipe from Regina Jennings & Litfuse Publicity Group

Cook: about 35 min

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Silly Holiday Food Things

Okay ... sorry for being away for a while but here are two videos ... one goes with the holiday spirit that is now just ending (my daughter's Gingerbread House) and the other I found load but funny (my Christmas dinner's sweet potato screaming at me)....

My #daughter's #gingerbreadhouse . #preschooler #Christmas 2015

A video posted by From Me to You ... (@fromjesstoyouservices) on

My #SweetPotato is #screaming for #help

A video posted by From Me to You ... (@fromjesstoyouservices) on

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