Sunday, October 1, 2017

Happy October! #Pillsbury Pumpkin #Cookies

YAY! October is here!!

Time to celebrate so ..... I brought out my Pillsbury™ Shape™ Pumpkin Sugar Cookies for the kids to have fun with ....

Too bad I completely messed up pulling off the parchment paper properly and they came off the pan looking like this ... 😆

Thankfully they taste just as good no matter what they look like. **hehee**

Though this post is in NO WAY sponsored because -- hey man they are a tradition -- check out their page to get some more info!

Are you a fan of these pre-created cookies too?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Happy #Pancake Day!! #breakfasttime #foodie

Or was it yesterday ... ? To tell you the truth I am not sure as I found two different websites that had different dates on them .... oh wells. But either way I am celebrating with you by sharing this little video that I had created a while back. I hope you enjoy the silliness of it all! 😆 😁 😋

If you can't see/watch the above video then click here to watch it.
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