Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Easy Cinnamon Chip Scones | Hershey's Kitchens | @Hersheys #tastetest #scones

While grocery shopping Jess got hooked into purchasing Hershey's Kitchens' Cinnamon Chips, thinking they were for a different style cookie. Instead the package had a Easy Cinnamon Chip Scones recipe that Jess decided to try out and this video shows how it all turned out. Enjoy!

If you can't see/watch the above video then click here to watch it.

Food Thoughts :
  1. Jess' thoughts -- watch video all thoughts from Jess are included! Jess will be making these again at some point.
  2. Jess' Kids thoughts -- They were so happy for the treat ... they preferred the non-crispy ones but when that was all that was left they ate them without complaint.
  3. Jess' Hubby thoughts -- For someone who isn't typically a sweets fan, he definitely ate his share of these with no complaints at all.

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